About us

Carpenters by tradition

Our first company, 'Wood Carpentry San Javier', began its journey more than 50 years ago. From then until today, our carpenters work to make your ideas come true with the best finishes, qualities and prices.

More than 25 years furnishing lifes

In 1988 we inaugurated 'Zapata and Espinosa', a company parallel to our carpentry where you can find more than 500 catalogs of our exclusive national and international suppliers.

Custom made

Our manufacturers treat each order as if it were unique. That is why, if you need to adapt a piece of furniture from our catalog to the size, color or composition that best fits your space, we will make sure that it will come true. We do not like the impossible things.

Our working method

You are the beginning and the end of the process.
  • 1. Idea

    Come and see us with your idea or without it. Our team will work to carry it out and will help you at all times.

  • 2. Preparation

    We will create a 3D recreation of the chosen idea and we will show it to you in case you want to change something.

  • 3. Start up

    With the idea accepted, our workshop and suppliers will be set up to manufacture your custom furniture.

  • 4. Transporting and assembly

    As soon as it arrive at our warehouse, we will take the order to your home and our fitters will leave it installed for free.


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